Sunday, 9 October 2011

Personal Shmersonal

 Okay I have come to the conclusion people like blogs that give them a litte insight into someones life, a technological window into ones soul you could say! And I have to confess my blog has been quite impersonal, so I thought I'd give you all a little bit of me ;)

I am blonde inside and out
5"6 but would like to be 5"7
3 sisters 2 brothers
I am an obsessive cleaner
I am a workaholic
I have and like tattoos
I weigh roughly 9stone
I work Tuesday to Saturday
I go to college Wednesday to do my advanced hairdressing course
This is me and my besty
I have a lovely boyfriend, we've been together nearly 3 years
I live at home
I have a cat mushu who I love
I love chocolate, cakes, bisquits, icecream, mmm
I have eclectic taste in music
However I am a huge little monster
I studied Art, Media studies, Textiles and English Language at A Level
I have an extensive scarf collection
I like to have things colourful
I have green tea in the morning, coffee at lunch and tea before I go to bed
My style icons are the Olson twins
Clive Owen is my man icon
I have a 5 years Vogue magazine collection
I drive a blue citron saxo
I have big feet!
I love fake tan
I try to finish a new book ever couple of weeks
I love romance films
I know all the words to Romeo and Juliet of by heart
I think John Galliano is so inspiring
I love snow
I wear black eyeliner everyday
I never wear rings
I buy everything from ebay
I have a roast at my boyfriends house every Sunday
I love reading blogs!

And that's a little bit of me N x  


  1. I loved finding out about you :)

    You sound so much like me as well! xxx

  2. Natashaaaar

    Ive given you a little award on my blog- lots of lurveeexxxx


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