Sunday, 18 December 2011

Holy Blogging Christmas!!!!!!

Here is the gorgeous Sam and myself at our christmas meal last weekend. Can you feel the love :) check out her blog too, I'll post a link when I'm on my laptop and not my phone!!!

Christmas Jumper D.I.Y

I know I have't posted in a long time. But what I HAVE done is make a kick ass Christmas jumper oooooooh yeah!!! Jumper bought from a charity shop and blinged up by me!!

Thursday, 17 November 2011


There is a man in my life. He is very dark and very hansom. I love to stare into his bright green eyes. He makes me feel happy no matter what is going on. I can rely on him to put a smile on my face as soon as we see each other.  He is bigger than any other I have seen, and I like nothing more to feel his weight against my body when in bed. I know he needs me just as much as I need him, and I know that when I get home from work he will be there, and we are both elated in each others presence. He listens to everything I have to say, he knows me inside out yet loves me regardless of my flaws. You can think what you like about love, but I know I have found it. I love my cat.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Back in Black.
I currently have a terrible mirror, apologies! Also a twisted hair from today!
Love N x

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Just a little post of my outfit and hair for today, vintage military!
Have a gorgeous day bloggers,
N x

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Monday, 24 October 2011

A quick "up-do" update!!

I'm sat in my car in the piddley diddley rain that is overwhelming our poor country!! And I thought I'd throw out a couple of pictures of some recent hair ups that I have done! Hope you likey!!

Also I have finished my personal website, take a look!

Friday, 14 October 2011

I Love Lady Twiggs !

Hi Guys! Its a fab post because I get to show off my first blog award!! Woohoo! So an extra big thanks to the gorgeous Twiggs at her blog

Slightly Oblivious to the Obvious

for giving my the award! She is my best follower, and secretly the more I learn about her the more I think we may be separated at birth! Haha

So this award goes to blogs with under 200 followers, who are your favourite! So I get to now pass it on to my top five blogs with under 200! Hopefully this will give them the attention they deserve :)

A Sailor went to Sea, Sea, Sea

This is for Adelaide, I love her blog because she is so frank and honest
52 first Dates
This blog is a diary of a woman who has taken it upon herself to have a date a week for a year, so that 52 dates, 52 men. She blogs about each one and I salute her for it! At least we now all know a little more about 52 men who we should or shouldn't date!
Life Blog
This is Ellie and I think she is so inspiring for anyone who is interested in fitness or weightloss, She has achieved so much, and deserves all the awards that can be given!
Nightmares and Boners
Vanessa, a girl who loves to to sexually overshare, and I over indulge in it!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Personal Shmersonal

 Okay I have come to the conclusion people like blogs that give them a litte insight into someones life, a technological window into ones soul you could say! And I have to confess my blog has been quite impersonal, so I thought I'd give you all a little bit of me ;)

I am blonde inside and out
5"6 but would like to be 5"7
3 sisters 2 brothers
I am an obsessive cleaner
I am a workaholic
I have and like tattoos
I weigh roughly 9stone
I work Tuesday to Saturday
I go to college Wednesday to do my advanced hairdressing course
This is me and my besty
I have a lovely boyfriend, we've been together nearly 3 years
I live at home
I have a cat mushu who I love
I love chocolate, cakes, bisquits, icecream, mmm
I have eclectic taste in music
However I am a huge little monster
I studied Art, Media studies, Textiles and English Language at A Level
I have an extensive scarf collection
I like to have things colourful
I have green tea in the morning, coffee at lunch and tea before I go to bed
My style icons are the Olson twins
Clive Owen is my man icon
I have a 5 years Vogue magazine collection
I drive a blue citron saxo
I have big feet!
I love fake tan
I try to finish a new book ever couple of weeks
I love romance films
I know all the words to Romeo and Juliet of by heart
I think John Galliano is so inspiring
I love snow
I wear black eyeliner everyday
I never wear rings
I buy everything from ebay
I have a roast at my boyfriends house every Sunday
I love reading blogs!

And that's a little bit of me N x  

Monday, 3 October 2011

Considering a new hairdo?

 Summer is coming to an end, and we have this dull period of time where we are stuck between seasons and many of us can feel a little bored with the day to day business of everything! So this is a time where a lot of people will come into the salon after a make over! Something new to perk them up a bit!
 Here I have a tip that may inspire your new look! As we all know celebrities have a huge stampede of people at hand to tailor make their look, so that they always appear their best. They know what clothes will suit their bodies, make up their face and hair also. So why not find a celebrity look a like and try to take inspiration from them! You will find that what suits them will infact suit you!

 Okay, I'm not saying I am as stunning as the lovely Miss Johansson, however I have been told several times that there is a resemblance! So she is my look icon, I like to see what make up she is wearing, how she styles her hair etc and I like to think it suits me too! And just to add for all the Scarlett fans, it's just a rough guide, like I said, I don't think I'm Scarlett!!

 So I'm thinking maybe a different hairstyle? After looking at some pictures of Scarlett I've chosen these two looks, what do you think?

Tousled bob? Or maybe just a soft blended fringe?
 Give it a go yourself! Ask your friends who they think you look like and see if they have any style ideas you can pinch!

N x

Monday, 26 September 2011

Carly Aplin, an inspiration!

"I do know that hairdressing makes me happy. And you should always do the things that make you happy" Carly Aplin

During my time hairdressing there has been one person who has been my true inspiration throughout. Not only is she gorgeous and smart but she is extremely successful and talented. If I can do half as well in my career as she has in hers, then I will be more than happy!
  At only 25 she has worked alongside Errol Douglas, Zoe Irwin and Adam Reed. She has also assisted at Graduate Fashion Week, and the BAFTAs, aswell as scooping up awards such as L'Oreal Professionals Talentspotting Award.
  It's an unfortunate fact that many people see hairdressing as a limited career and one that doesn't require a lot of ambition or intellect. However it's fantastic role models such as Carly that prove otherwise and this is what gives me my drive to succeed! I was honestly filled with enthusiasm and excitement when I came across an article in HEAD magazine about this fantastic lady! 
 Whenever people ask me where I see myself in 5 years time I never know how to reply, because I don't know, I've never known. I feel like by having a set goal, I'm putting a limit on what I can achieve! There are no limits, and as long as I work to my best ability then I can't go wrong, and I feel this is what Carly symbolises too, for she states that she doesn't have things mapped out either, and look what she has achieved!

So overall I would like to say a big thank you to Carly Aplin, congratulations on being such an inspiration to so many. You really are my idol!

N x


Monday, 19 September 2011

Little Bow Peep!

Here is a small tutorial about how to achieve a hair bow as seen on Lady Gaga! This is a really fun style that can be worn many ways! You can wear it big like I have done here, or a small bow to decorate a look!

Put your hair into a pony tail and separate into two!

Take a small third section at the front. Then back comb one of the side pieces.

Roll into the shape of the side or a bow and pin, do the same with the other side!

Take your middle section and place a pin across to hold in place

Back comb slightly to create a bit of thickness, then roll between the two sides and pin!
Adjust to look how you'd like and spray in place! Ta Da!!

Enjoy N x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Hello, my name is Natasha and I need some help! For some unknown reason when I try and leave a comment on your lovely blogs it doesn't let me! I write the post, then select 'Google Account' as my way identity in the drop down box but after it starts to load I am faced with a screen saying my account ( doesn't have 'access' to that page?? I am feeling terribly anti social and disconnected :( would like to leave you people some love but am not allowed? Confused? Yes! Please let me know if it is something that I am missing!


Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Young Pony Club

Here it is, the style that resembles the back end of a horse, that I doubt we will ever see the back end of. Dubbed to be the 'do' of autumn, yes, it's the classic pony tail. A style loved by women of all ages, the pony tail is such a strong and versitile way of wearing ones hair, and I am always pleased to see it back on the catwalks, I love the return of some feminin sophistication. The pony tail has been embraced by celebrities such as JLo and Kim Kardashian and we can see why...

 You can really play around with this look and make it suit you no matter what your style. Wear your pony high and mighty for a glam look or low and tousled for a more relaxed style. Here are a few examples of some ponys that have been spotted galloping down the catwalks.

Calvin Klein S/S 2011
Calvin Klein S/S 11

 Christopher Kane A/W 11

sebastina david koma rexfeatures_1288307j_picnik.jpg
David Koma A/W 11

Marc Jacobs 2011

Louise Gray A/W 11

I'm really liking this messy pony, here's a quick way to achieve the look:
1. Use a texturising lotion or creme to create texture in the hair. Backcomb the top section, then smooth down with the back of the brush.

3. Pull the sides tight and cinch in to create a high boxy-shaped pony. 

4. Use a medium tong to push a dent in the front of the top panel to create a quiff shape, or back comb slightly to make a more classic quiff.

5. Use a hairdryer to blow a ton hairspray on the top section, setting firmly in place!
Don't fret if you don't have long hair like these models, if it's long enough to pull back then you've got yourself a perfect pony, and if not then you can always give it ago with some hair extensions! See how long you dare to go!

Join the pony race, I know I will be!
N x

P.S A note on pony tails, they are never EVER acceptable on a man!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Holiday Hair!!!!

Adios! Bon Voyage! Yasou! Hasta La Vista Baby!

Hello my lovely fashion heads, I am going to Greece tomorrow!! Woohoo! And I felt this is the perfect opportunity to do a beach hair, holiday hair post. It makes me laugh because a lot of us lust over this style of tousled sunkissed holiday hair, but the reality of it is knotted, sticky, salty matted hair! So here I will share with you my tricks to achieving this look without looking like you have been dragged out of the ocean by your gladiators!

Firstly, a wide tooth comb is ESSENTIAL!!! Even on an everyday basis I don't even brush my hair I only use one of these! They are really good at gently detangling hair. I would recommend using this on your hair when you come out of the sea or pool just to get rid of any knots, and then you can scrunch your hair and leave to dry in the sun!

1: Catwalk Tigi Salt spray 2: Fudge Salt spray 3: Bumble &Bumble Surf Spray 4: Lanza Beach Spray

These are a selection of sprays from a selection or brands that I have personally used and loved! They are fantastic to use on partially dry hair, scrunch and leave to naturally dry, or use a diffuser and you won't be dissappointed. These sprays add volume and a bit of hold, so you can either give help to your holiday beach hair, or achieve the look everyday at home!

1: Charles Worthington Sunshine 2: Redken Sun 3: No7 Glossy Locks Hair Spritz 4: Bed Head Some Like It Hot!

Sun protectors! I have to put my hands up here and admit I havn't used a sun protector before!! "GASP" But because I have blonde hair I never worry about colour fading, and I personally like how the sun lightens my hair. However I have bought the Charles Worthington set to take with me as it is known to be a holiday essential for keeping hair healthy and glossy and I did my research and the other products are the ones that came top! A protector is essential if you have a hair colour such as red or brunette and want to stop it from fading!

1:Moroccanoil Reconstructive 2: Moroccanoil Moisturizing 3: Tigi Treat Me Right 4: S Factor Serious Conditioner 5: Keune Care Line Vital Nutrients

Finally treatments! When you get home from holiday, it's nice to put a treatment on your hair as it has been through a lot of sun, sand and sea! Above are a few of my personal favourites, all smell lush and leave hair smooth, soft and well treated!

Hope this has helped. So now I must go pack my suitcase! EEeeh!! Can't wait!
Love N x