Monday, 3 October 2011

Considering a new hairdo?

 Summer is coming to an end, and we have this dull period of time where we are stuck between seasons and many of us can feel a little bored with the day to day business of everything! So this is a time where a lot of people will come into the salon after a make over! Something new to perk them up a bit!
 Here I have a tip that may inspire your new look! As we all know celebrities have a huge stampede of people at hand to tailor make their look, so that they always appear their best. They know what clothes will suit their bodies, make up their face and hair also. So why not find a celebrity look a like and try to take inspiration from them! You will find that what suits them will infact suit you!

 Okay, I'm not saying I am as stunning as the lovely Miss Johansson, however I have been told several times that there is a resemblance! So she is my look icon, I like to see what make up she is wearing, how she styles her hair etc and I like to think it suits me too! And just to add for all the Scarlett fans, it's just a rough guide, like I said, I don't think I'm Scarlett!!

 So I'm thinking maybe a different hairstyle? After looking at some pictures of Scarlett I've chosen these two looks, what do you think?

Tousled bob? Or maybe just a soft blended fringe?
 Give it a go yourself! Ask your friends who they think you look like and see if they have any style ideas you can pinch!

N x

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  1. Haha I've never actually noticed that you look like her but you really do!!! I think you should be brave and go for the bob, but I know you'll end up wanting your long hair back!!
    samx x


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