Monday, 19 September 2011

Little Bow Peep!

Here is a small tutorial about how to achieve a hair bow as seen on Lady Gaga! This is a really fun style that can be worn many ways! You can wear it big like I have done here, or a small bow to decorate a look!

Put your hair into a pony tail and separate into two!

Take a small third section at the front. Then back comb one of the side pieces.

Roll into the shape of the side or a bow and pin, do the same with the other side!

Take your middle section and place a pin across to hold in place

Back comb slightly to create a bit of thickness, then roll between the two sides and pin!
Adjust to look how you'd like and spray in place! Ta Da!!

Enjoy N x


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  3. this looks so cool! i think my hair is probably too long for it but im gonna give it a go! :) love your blog, i need some more inspiration of what to do with my hair, always end up having it the same! thanks for your comment on my blog, im now following :) xxx


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