Thursday, 1 September 2011

Holiday Hair!!!!

Adios! Bon Voyage! Yasou! Hasta La Vista Baby!

Hello my lovely fashion heads, I am going to Greece tomorrow!! Woohoo! And I felt this is the perfect opportunity to do a beach hair, holiday hair post. It makes me laugh because a lot of us lust over this style of tousled sunkissed holiday hair, but the reality of it is knotted, sticky, salty matted hair! So here I will share with you my tricks to achieving this look without looking like you have been dragged out of the ocean by your gladiators!

Firstly, a wide tooth comb is ESSENTIAL!!! Even on an everyday basis I don't even brush my hair I only use one of these! They are really good at gently detangling hair. I would recommend using this on your hair when you come out of the sea or pool just to get rid of any knots, and then you can scrunch your hair and leave to dry in the sun!

1: Catwalk Tigi Salt spray 2: Fudge Salt spray 3: Bumble &Bumble Surf Spray 4: Lanza Beach Spray

These are a selection of sprays from a selection or brands that I have personally used and loved! They are fantastic to use on partially dry hair, scrunch and leave to naturally dry, or use a diffuser and you won't be dissappointed. These sprays add volume and a bit of hold, so you can either give help to your holiday beach hair, or achieve the look everyday at home!

1: Charles Worthington Sunshine 2: Redken Sun 3: No7 Glossy Locks Hair Spritz 4: Bed Head Some Like It Hot!

Sun protectors! I have to put my hands up here and admit I havn't used a sun protector before!! "GASP" But because I have blonde hair I never worry about colour fading, and I personally like how the sun lightens my hair. However I have bought the Charles Worthington set to take with me as it is known to be a holiday essential for keeping hair healthy and glossy and I did my research and the other products are the ones that came top! A protector is essential if you have a hair colour such as red or brunette and want to stop it from fading!

1:Moroccanoil Reconstructive 2: Moroccanoil Moisturizing 3: Tigi Treat Me Right 4: S Factor Serious Conditioner 5: Keune Care Line Vital Nutrients

Finally treatments! When you get home from holiday, it's nice to put a treatment on your hair as it has been through a lot of sun, sand and sea! Above are a few of my personal favourites, all smell lush and leave hair smooth, soft and well treated!

Hope this has helped. So now I must go pack my suitcase! EEeeh!! Can't wait!
Love N x

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