Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Young Pony Club

Here it is, the style that resembles the back end of a horse, that I doubt we will ever see the back end of. Dubbed to be the 'do' of autumn, yes, it's the classic pony tail. A style loved by women of all ages, the pony tail is such a strong and versitile way of wearing ones hair, and I am always pleased to see it back on the catwalks, I love the return of some feminin sophistication. The pony tail has been embraced by celebrities such as JLo and Kim Kardashian and we can see why...

 You can really play around with this look and make it suit you no matter what your style. Wear your pony high and mighty for a glam look or low and tousled for a more relaxed style. Here are a few examples of some ponys that have been spotted galloping down the catwalks.

Calvin Klein S/S 2011
Calvin Klein S/S 11

 Christopher Kane A/W 11

sebastina david koma rexfeatures_1288307j_picnik.jpg
David Koma A/W 11

Marc Jacobs 2011

Louise Gray A/W 11

I'm really liking this messy pony, here's a quick way to achieve the look:
1. Use a texturising lotion or creme to create texture in the hair. Backcomb the top section, then smooth down with the back of the brush.

3. Pull the sides tight and cinch in to create a high boxy-shaped pony. 

4. Use a medium tong to push a dent in the front of the top panel to create a quiff shape, or back comb slightly to make a more classic quiff.

5. Use a hairdryer to blow a ton hairspray on the top section, setting firmly in place!
Don't fret if you don't have long hair like these models, if it's long enough to pull back then you've got yourself a perfect pony, and if not then you can always give it ago with some hair extensions! See how long you dare to go!

Join the pony race, I know I will be!
N x

P.S A note on pony tails, they are never EVER acceptable on a man!!

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