Monday, 26 September 2011

Carly Aplin, an inspiration!

"I do know that hairdressing makes me happy. And you should always do the things that make you happy" Carly Aplin

During my time hairdressing there has been one person who has been my true inspiration throughout. Not only is she gorgeous and smart but she is extremely successful and talented. If I can do half as well in my career as she has in hers, then I will be more than happy!
  At only 25 she has worked alongside Errol Douglas, Zoe Irwin and Adam Reed. She has also assisted at Graduate Fashion Week, and the BAFTAs, aswell as scooping up awards such as L'Oreal Professionals Talentspotting Award.
  It's an unfortunate fact that many people see hairdressing as a limited career and one that doesn't require a lot of ambition or intellect. However it's fantastic role models such as Carly that prove otherwise and this is what gives me my drive to succeed! I was honestly filled with enthusiasm and excitement when I came across an article in HEAD magazine about this fantastic lady! 
 Whenever people ask me where I see myself in 5 years time I never know how to reply, because I don't know, I've never known. I feel like by having a set goal, I'm putting a limit on what I can achieve! There are no limits, and as long as I work to my best ability then I can't go wrong, and I feel this is what Carly symbolises too, for she states that she doesn't have things mapped out either, and look what she has achieved!

So overall I would like to say a big thank you to Carly Aplin, congratulations on being such an inspiration to so many. You really are my idol!

N x


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