Monday, 1 August 2011

And so onto them, a Blog was born!!

So this is it! I've always contemplated publishing my passion about hair to the world, but was never too certain about whether to or not, but today 1st August 2011 it has begun! So I'll get you updated:
I finished my A Levels in 2009 achieving A in English Language, B in Media Studies C in Textiles Art and A in Fine Art. I left college with hopes of progressing to University to study some area of 'fashion', however I was never certain of what area I wanted to study, but didn't want to take up a course that was too 'broad'! I'd always had a natural flair for English so considered publishing, yet have also been artistically creative since a young age. Subsequently I decided to take a break between College and University to find out what I really wanted to do! In this time I decided to qualify as a hairdresser so that whilst at University I could work as a self-employed stylist. And this is where my passion started.
 I've now been working in a salon for over two years and have found what form of fashion I most love. There really isn't enough appreciation for the art of hair fashion. I believe that at some point in the future I want to be able to create something that gives people a place where hair can be celebrated for its fashion presence. Currently we are surrounded by the influence of celebrity hair styling, and don't get me wrong Cheryl Cole's hair stylist really does have something to be proud of, but I want to bring hair fashion back to the wonders of the unique! I want to be able to see hair and think, oh my god, how was that done? or oh my god,  how was that done!
 I'd like to give a massive thank you to HEAD magazine, it was a tremendous inspiration to my career in hair dressing and truly will be missed. A great hole has been left where this magazine once filled my head with the wonders of the industry!
 So to round things up, before I pour out my brains into one post (!!) I welcome all readers and thank you for whatever bazaar reason you stumbled across this blog for reading, and hope you return!
N x

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