Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Hair Nets and Colour Diffusions

So it's Tuesday! After having washed my hair yesterday the style I chose for today was the classic heated roller set. Last Saturday my boss went to a 1950's themed party and she looked fab and this inspired me to rock the rollers more often, and the red lips to accompany them, of course. As ever the process of strutting around you room with rollers and a hair net is as glam as ever and I can't help but feel like slipping into a black silk dressing gown 'a la' Monroe!

(here I have taken the rollers out and secured the rolls in barrel curls to cool)

... and here you have the final look!

Today when we had finished work at 5 we had a colour demonstration from Goldwell, the colour brand we use. We were shown a new range of red colours and techniques that were fabulous. Really amazing, the reds were so vibrant, and the technique was one I hadnt seen before.
 You apply the base colour to the regrowth as you would normally, but then you use the 'slabbing' technique throughout each section, mid-lengths and ends, applying a variety of colours to create such a funky effect. It great because it has more of an edge than foiling, but softer than panelling, can't wait to try this one out.

How lush are these!! Makes you want to take a walk on the red side doesn't it!
N x

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  1. I might have to rock out the heated rollers again soon - haven't used them for a while!!xx


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