Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lust List!!

A quick post to show a few things I stumbled across today and am actually wowed by!
Firstly is WAH Nail Studio in London. I am actually stunned by the nail art that they have shown!! I love the concept! It's transfering fashion trends onto the finger nails! I am really inspired and will be reaching for the varnishing myself and trying to recreate these ASAP!

These are two of my favourite, I cannot get over the ice cream one! Yummy scrummyyyy.....

Also carrying on the scrumptious theme I fell upon this 'dip dye' image on the WAH nail website and I just love the neatness of it! I've seen some dip dyes that are quite rough, which isn't a bad thing but this one is so sleeeeek and the colours are great. Dip dye is seriously taking over the hair scene, whether it's neo fabulous like this one or more natural and sunkissed, there is no way of avoiding it!

Inspired Nx


  1. followed you after manths's post- her hair looks fab.

    Your blog is great x

  2. I love the multi-coloured tips, it's the next nail-art type thing I'm going to try hah. They make a nice change don't they :) x

  3. wow, i really love those nails.

    I can't honestly say im sure what type of rabbit Alfie is, however, I think he is a lion-haired rabbit..?
    Thankyou for visiting my blog!


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