Sunday, 21 August 2011

Great Expectations. Tips and tricks to growing long, strong healthy hair!!

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Here it is. At some point in all our lives we will be at a stage where we want our hair to g...r.......o........w...!!!!! Whether it's a drastic restyle that you regret, or layers you had put in that you now don't want, a fringe too short, a colour you need to grow out, or you want long hair for a special occasion to style or put up, I can confidently say we have all had that feeling of looking at our hair in pure frustration willing it to GROW!!! The pain staking examination of every extra millimetre in length and the determination to avoid a hair cut at all costs, well here I am to give you a few tips that I have learnt (as I am currently growing my hair at the moment and have been for the last TWO YEARS!!) and I can say they work, to encourage healthy growth. This advice is random and what I have followed myself, do so as you wish!

  1. Have some inspiration....On your bedroom mirror put a photo of someone with hair that you want yours to be like (within reason of course) and look at it everytime you doubt yourself in your growth journey, because it will be tough at times!
  2. Do not wash your hair everyday!
    When you think about it your hair falls out during its cycle anyway, but when you wash it you are putting it through brushing, scrubbing, rinsing, drying etc. which will cause added trauma! So by not washing your hair everyday you will save those few hairs on you head that aren't ready to pop out yet!
  3. Use treatements as often as possible!
    Obviously if you feel your hair doesn't need one then don't do it too often, but when growing hair it can become dry and brittle, so to keep the ends healthy (thus keeping length), then a good treatement is worth the effort.
  4. Moroccanoil is my hair growth aid (reviewed in previous post!)
  5. Head Massages!By stimulating the blood to your scalp you are stimulating the roots of each hair and giving them a boost of nutrients they need and love! So a head massage everyday will encourage healthy growth.
  6. Head scrub!!
    If you cannot get a massage then when in the shower really give your scalp a nice scrub when shampooing! It will have the same effect, and leave you feeling nice and fresh!! Not too hard mind I don't want to be responsible for sore scalps!
  7. REGULAR TRIMS!!!!!!!
    I completely understand that when growing your hair the thought of getting it cut is horrible! And I myself don't LOVE getting my hair trimmed, but it is a must!
     When I first started growing my hair I didn't get it cut at all! Unfortunately after roughly 6 months my ends were so split and damaged I needed a good inch off!! So I felt it was not worth it at all. So please!!! A little trim roughly every 7-8 weeks and you will notice how healthy your hair is!!
  8. Wear your hair up.If you try and wear your hair up as much as you can you will save any damage to your hair from trying to style it with curlers, straighteners etc. Also, when you wear it down you will notice it has grown since that last time you wore it down! Try going two weeks with it up and see how much difference there is!
  9. Ditch the heat!We all know that heat damages your hair, and by damaging your hair you will need it trimmed more regularly, therefore not as much growth. So try to avoid your hair dryer, straighteners, curlers, rollers or any heated equiptment, I know this sounds tough but think of your goal!
  10. HAVE PATIENCE!It will take time, but you will get there. That's one nice thing, whether it is super fast, or really slow, all hair grows, so it is not impossible. It is entirely possible, anyone can have long hair, but not only will you have long hair if you follow my tips, you will have long healthy hair!! And that is something to be very proud of!
Good Luck everyone, and I intend on making a post about my hair growth journey, so I can let you see how I am getting on.

Love N x


  1. Thank you

    I have been growing my hair for about 5 years and it only started to grow proper when I started my regular trims...still striving for LENGTH though.


  2. excellent waiting for the tips on how to thicken your hair..... haha! xxx


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